VOD Journal-Volume 3 (2008)

VOD Journal volume 3 coverTheodore Roosevelt: “The Strenuous Life” (10 April 1899)

Leroy G. Dorsey, Texas A&M University

pp. 1-16

Lyndon B. Johnson: “We Shall Overcome” (15 March 1965)

Garth E. Pauley, Calvin College

pp. 17-33

Kicking Bear: “Address at the Council Meeting of the Hunkpapa Sioux,” Great Sioux Reservation (9 October 1890)

Jason Edward Black, University of Alabama

pp. 34-49

Shirley Anita St. Hill Chisholm: “For the Equal Rights Amendment” (10 August 1970)

Diane M. Blair, California State University, Fresno

pp. 50-62

Franklin D. Roosevelt: “1941 State of the Union Address” (“The Four Freedoms”) (6 January 1941)

James J. Kimble, Seton Hall University

pp. 63-82

James McGreevey: “State House Confession” (12 August 2004)

Dave Tell, University of Kansas

pp. 83-102

Helen Caldicott: “Stop the Nuclear Madness” (17 April 1986)

J. Michael Hogan, Pennsylvania State University & Sara Ann Mehltretter, Pennsylvania State University

pp. 103-121

George W. Bush: “Second Inaugural Address” (20 January 2005)

Shawn J. Parry-Giles, University of Maryland

pp. 122-138

J. Edgar Hoover:  “Speech Before the House Committee on Un-American Activities” (26 March 1947)

Stephen Underhill, University of Maryland

pp. 139-161

Gloria Steinem: “Testimony Before Senate Hearings on the Equal Rights Amendment” (6 May 1970)

Jill M. Weber, Pennsylvania State University

pp. 162-181

Adlai E. Stevenson:  “A New America,” “Acceptance Address at the Democratic National Convention” (17 August 1956):

Tim Barney, University of Maryland

pp. 182-204

George H. W. Bush: “A Whole Europe, A Free Europe” (31 May 1989)

Andrew P. Hogue, Baylor University

pp. 205-221