VOD Journal-Volume 4 (2009)

VOD Journal volume 4 coverHarry S. Truman: “Special Message to the Congress on Greece and Turkey: The Truman Doctrine” (12 March 1947)

Denise M. Bostdorff, The College of Wooster

pp. 1-22

Paul Potter: “The Incredible War” (17 April 1965)

Jeffrey P. Drury, Central Michigan University

pp. 23-40

John Fitzgerald Kennedy: “Inaugural Address” (20 January 1961)

Sara Ann Mehltretter, Pennsylvania State University

pp. 41-59

Eleanor Roosevelt: “Address By Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt—The Chicago Civil Liberties Committee” (14 March 1940)

Heather Brook Adams, University of Maryland

pp. 60-82

James Danforth Quayle, III: “Murphy Brown Speech” (19 May 1992)

Jill M. Weber, Pennsylvania State University

pp. 83-96

Lyndon B. Johnson: “Let Us Continue” (27 November 1963)

Ashley Barrett, Baylor University

pp. 97-119

George W. Bush: “An Address to a Joint Session of Congress and the American People” (20 September 2001)

Sarah E. Spring, Wake Forest University & Joseph Clayton Packer, Wake Forest University

pp. 120-131

Stokely Carmichael : “Black Power” (29 October 1966)

Kalen M. A. Churcher, Niagara University

pp. 132-148