VOD Journal-Volume 7 (2012)

VOD Journal volume 7 coverFrances “Franny” Wright, “Address Delivered in the New Harmony Hall, At the Celebration of the Fourth of July,” (4 July 1828)

Alyssa Samek, University of Maryland

pp. 1-20

Sojourner Truth, “Address at the Woman’s Rights Convention in Akron, Ohio,” (29 May 1851)

Michael Phillips-Anderson, Monmouth University

pp. 21-46

Patrick Buchanan, “Culture War Speech: Address to the Republican National Convention,” (17 August 1992)

Eric C. Miller, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

pp. 47-59

Barack Obama, “University of Notre Dame Commencement  Address,” (17 May 2009)

Craig Rood, Pennsylvania State University

pp. 60-75