Steinem, Gloria (1934- )

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Steinem, Gloria. “Living the Revolution.” Vassar Quarterly, Fall 1970, 12-15. [=A]
Steinem, Gloria. “‘Women’s Liberation’ Aims to Free Men, Too.” Washington Post 7
June 1970, B1, B4. [=B]

Steinem, Gloria. “Women’s Liberation is Men’s Liberation.” In Women’s Rights: Great Speeches in History, ed., Jennifer Hurley (San Diego, CA: Green Haven Press, 2002). [=C]

This text is reproduced with the permission from the editors of the Vassar Quarterly in Poughkeepsie, New York. The author wishes to thank the editors for their willingness to republish Gloria Steinem’s speech, “Living the Revolution,” Fall 1970, Vassar Quarterly, pp. 12-15.

The copy text is Steinem 1970 (=A), a published representation of the speech that appeared in the Vassar Quarterly. This selection is justified by textual evidence that this representation most closely reflects what Steinem actually said, as well as by evidence that other versions of the speech had been revised for publication. In the version of the speech published in the Washington Post (=B), for example, references to the audience and occasion in the first two and the last four paragraphs of the Vassar Quarterly version are missing, and a note accompanying the Washington Post article indicated that it was “excerpted from a commencement address at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.”

The Washington Post text also has other minor changes in paragraphing, capitalization, punctuation, and phrasing, all of which appear to have been the product of editing the speech for publication.

Ironically, the editors of an anthology of “great speeches” on women’s rights, Women’s Rights: Great Speeches in History, chose to reprint the version published in the Washington Post, despite the fact that it had been edited to remove everything that identified it as a speech. This version of the text (=C), then, is identical to the version published in the Washington Post.

There also are four typewritten drafts of “Living the Revolution” in various stages of revision in the Gloria Steinem Papers at Smith College. All four drafts are undated and include typographical errors, handwritten notes, emendations, and editorial comments. One of these texts, typed in capital letters and containing only a few minor corrections, appears to be the final manuscript used to deliver the speech. Substantively, it is identical to the text published in Vassar Quarterly. No audio or video version of the speech exists.

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31 May 1970
Vassar College
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Steinem, Gloria, 1935-
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