Authentication Materials:

  1. Speech Title as it is to be printed: “Speech at Stanford University.”
  2. Exact Date and Place of Speech Delivery: April 24, 1964, Cubberly Auditorium, Stanford University, Stanford, California.
  3. Complete Name of Speaker, with year of birth and year of death: Robert Moses (1935—2021).
  4. Complete name of editor or compiler of electronic text: Davis W. Houck (editor, transcriber) and Dean Delp (editor, transcriber).
  5. Date of Electronic edition: 2021.
  6. Languages: English (100%)
  7. Library of Congress Subject Heading: E185.97
  8. Indication of editing functions performed: Davis W. Houck and Dean Delp, data-entry and proof-reading of electronic text, 2021.

Bibliographic List of Sources:

Moses. Robert. Speech delivered on April 24, 1964 at Cubberly Auditorium, Stanford University, Stanford, California. Stanford Speech Collection, AR-0022. Courtesy of the Stanford Archive of Recorded Sound, Stanford, California. [=A]

Statement of Editorial Procedures:

Davis W. Houck and Dean Delp have transcribed Robert Moses’ address based on a sound file made available to them by Nathan Coy at Stanford University’s Archive of Recorded Sound [=A]. This selection was based on the plausible efficacy of the delivered speech at Cubberly Auditorium, Stanford, California.

Paragraphing was based on the editors’ discretion and paragraph numbers were added in square brackets.

The text of this edition has been thoroughly checked and proofread.

All double quotation marks are rendered with “, all single quotation marks with apostrophe ‘. This copy text is not subject to end-of-line hyphenation.

The departures from the copy-text and general editorial procedures are as follows. The number corresponds to the paragraph number where the change occurred.

9 Moses makes three factual errors when it comes to the dates of two murders and one shooting. That is, Reverend George W. Lee was killed in Belzoni, Mississippi on May 7, 1955; Gus Courts was shot in November 1955; and Lamar Smith was murdered at the Brookhaven, Mississippi courthouse in August 13, 1955.