Bibliographic List of Sources:

Gerald R. Ford, “Remarks on Signing a Proclamation Granting Pardon to Richard Nixon, September 8, 1974,” Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States,  Gerald R. Ford, 1974, Book I (U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington: 1975): 101-103. [=A]

Video and Audio Tape: President Ford Pardons Nixon, September 8, 1974.  Available from the World Wide Web: [=B]


1. Speech Title exactly as it to be printed: “Remarks on Signing a Proclamation Granting Pardon to Richard Nixon, September 8, 1974.”

2.  Exact Date and Place of Speech Delivery: 8 September 1974.  At the Oval Office in the White House, Washington, D.C.

3. Complete Name of Speaker, with year of birth and year of death: Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr. (1913-2006).

4. Complete name of editor or compiler of electronic text, with indication of role: Bonnie J. Sierlecki, editor.

5. Date of electronic edition: 2010.

6. Languages: English (100%).

7. Library of Congress Subject Headings: United States—Politics—American Statesmen—Collected works; Library of Congress Classification: E660.

8. Indication of editing functions performed: Bonnie J. Sierlecki, collated version A with version B, Jan. 24, 2008; Bonnie J. Sierlecki, collated version A with version C, May 22, 2010; Bonnie J. Sierlecki, collated version A with version D, Sept. 21, 2010; Bonnie J. Sierlecki, editing of electronic text, Oct.11-Nov. 12, 2010. Bonnie J. Sierlecki, proofreading of edited electronic text, December 22, 2010.

Statement of Editorial Procedures:

The copy-text is Ford 1974 [=A].  The selection was based on the plausible efficacy of the delivered speech from the Oval Office to the large number of listeners and viewers on live national television and radio.  The copy-text was checked against audio and video [=B].  The video and audio selection is the most complete version of the speech available containing both video and audio, missing only lines [1] and [27] as marked in the copy-text.

All paragraphing, capitalization, spelling, use of quotation marks (or lack thereof), and hyphenation of words (or lack thereof) are consistent with the copy-text Ford 1974 [=A].  Paragraph numbers have been added in square brackets.

Indications of any normalization of the text are addressed in the notes below.

The text of this edition has been thoroughly checked and proofread.

All double quotation marks are rendered with “, all single quotation marks with apostrophe ‘.

This copy text is not subject to end-of-line hyphenation.

Special characters and characters with diachronic marks: none.

Departures from the Copy-Text and General Editorial Procedures:

Departures from the copy-text and general editorial procedures are as follows (reference numbers specify paragraph in which the departure occurs):


10 we all–all have played B: we all have played A