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Roosevelt, Anna Eleanor (1884-1962)

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Heather Brook Adams and Shawn J. Parry-Giles

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Roosevelt, Eleanor. “The Chicago Civil Liberties Committee: Address by Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt.” Chicago: Eleanor Roosevelt Papers, Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library, 1940. [=A]

The copy-text is Roosevelt 1940, a typed transcription of the delivered address. This selection was based on the plausible efficacy of the delivered speech before the Chicago Civil Liberties Committee as recorded by executive secretary Ira Latimer. The copy text reflects Latimer’s transcription and changes to typographical errors that were corrected by Eleanor Roosevelt as noted below. The transcript and hand-written changes are reflected in a document that was returned from the White House to the Chicago Civil Liberties Committee with approval of accuracy.

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4 come ER; came Latimer ER
5 tell me I no citizen ER; tell me I no citizen Latimer ER
8 intelligence enough to live ER; intelligence to live Latimer ER
11 we might say ER; I might say Latimer ER
11 that Constitution ER; our Constitution Latimer ER
13 That, we all have to face ER; That we have to face Latimer ER
14 particular ER; particulat Latimer ER
14 case, ER; case Latimer ER
14 has ER; had Latimer ER
15 premise ER; promise Latimer ER
15 grateful for that; and finally, that we trust ER; grateful that we can trust Latimer ER

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17 April 1986
The Chicago Civil Liberties Committee
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