Biographical List of Sources

Lincoln, A. (1860). “The Republican Party vindicated – the demands of the South explained: Speech of Hon. Abraham Lincoln of Illinois, at the Cooper Institute, New York City,” in the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection [online]. Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana. (=A)

Lincoln, A. (February 28, 1860). “Republicans at Cooper Institute.; Address by Hon. Abraham Lincoln, of Illinois. Remarks of Messrs. Wm. Cullen Bryant, Horace Greeley, Gen. Nye and J.A. Briggs. Speech of Wm. Cullen Bryant. Speech of Mr. Lincoln.” New York Times, p. 1, (=B)

Lincoln, A. (February 28, 1860). “The Presidential Campaign. Another Republican Candidate on the Stump. Speech of the Hon. Abraham Lincoln, of Illinois,” New York Herald, p. 2, (=C)

Statement of Editorial Procedures:

The copy-text is the Tribune Tract which was edited and circulated by the Young Men’s Republican Union. Primary editors include Abraham Lincoln, Charles C. Nott, and Cephas Brainerd. This selection was based on the widespread circulation of the pamphlet as well as the clarity provided in the source. The footnotes added by Nott and Brainerd have been omitted for the purpose of simplicity. Version B is New York Times copy of the published speech. Version C appeared in the New York Herald. It is the only surviving version which accounts for the audience reactions to the speech. Applause, and the like, has been included in the footnotes so as not to detract from the easy reading of the speech. Version A was followed for spelling, paragraphing, capitalization, punctuation and italics.

Paragraph numbers were added in square brackets.

The text of this edition has been thoroughly checked and proofread.

This copy-text is not subject to end of line hyphenation.

Edited by Lauren Hunter.